Circ Bingo i Olivia

High-risk traditional circus: suction suckers.

Street show 

Bingo and Olivia have decided to set up their own circus.

They have created their spectacular number of suckers launch with which they intend to make a world tour. The nerves of the premiere will make the number become a show.

Basic info:

Gestual Clown

No text

30 minutes

All public

Artistic credits:

Creation and interpretation: Marta Renyer and Eric Rieu

External look: Miner Montell

Scenography: Eric Rieu

Costumes: Marta Renyer

Production: Cia. Toc Toc Théâtre

Collaborate: Sant Martí Bcn Civic Center and International Network for Culture and Arts

Street theater advice: Jordi Solé

Premiere 2016