La Intrèpida

Cia. La Intrèpida Teatre (before Toc Toc Théâtre) is the result of the encounter of two actors and clowns, Marta Renyer and Eric Rieu, in Barcelona in 2012. A Franco-Catalan company dedicated to the gesture and clown theater. In these years they have created different shows; Oh Posidonia, ALERT! Circus Bingo & Olivia. They are currently in the process of creating their new street show The Attraction, which opens 2019 in Catalonia.

Marta and Eric have formed alongside Clown with Jango Edwards, Jhony Mellville, Pep Vila, Chistophe Thellier, Fanny Giraud and Merche 8A, among others.

As a result of their career in the performing arts, they has elaborated their own language full of humor, human stupidity and sensitivity. Their shows deal with human relations from a comic point of view.

They have created Cabaret Indiscret, a show with different artists that explore the clown and comedy, where each edition has been unique and unrepeatable.

They work as actors and are part of the creative team in the adaptation of the scripts, the creation and direction of the Cia’s shows. Voilà since 2016. Having made the national tours of Le Tour du Monde in 80 days and 20000 beds sous les mers.

The Cia. Intrèpida collaborates as an artist with the NGO Clowns Without Borders, and has made an expedition to Angola, Africa in 2018.

As a result of the encounter of its origins France and Catalonia, which has led them to create their own theater language, they have a gesture code that allows them to act everywhere. In their spectacles habited by their peculiar characters, you can enjoy clown, juggling, object manipulation, physical humor and physical theater.

Excited about performing arts, circus and clown understand art as a way of life.

They have acted for a wide variety of audiences: in prisons, in major parties, mental health center closed for adults, refugee camps, schools, shelters, squares and streets of multiple populations and in the teats and schools of the main cities Spanish.